Monday, October 22, 2012

Single Mother

Alone and on her own
He left when he found out
A man undeserving of the title of "Father"
And what remains?
A boy caught in the middle
Trapped in a chasm of neglect, despair, longing
Resenting the Unpresent
She is never present
Working slave-like to support
Because she has no support
And who will guide the young one?
Will he be led astray by his peers?
Will he be strong enough to not succumb
to the temptations of the material world?
And what if the boy grows up to look just
like this man?
What then?
Will she burn with hatred?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Reality vs. Dreams

In the waking state, I observe one manifestation of reality, seemingly real because of its physical nature.  In the dreaming state, my point of awareness shifts to another level of existence that is just as real as the waking state.  When I am in the reality of my dreams, I do not entertain the idea that an alternate existence is present via the waking state because my point of focus has shifted.  Whether I am in the waking state or the dreaming state, the one constant in both states is my awareness.  My awareness, or my consciousness, moves between both realities.  The more I experience the dreaming state, the more I arrive at the realization that dreams are reality constructs.  In the dream experience, I notice that I may encounter repressed emotions that are represented symbolically by human or non-human entities.  My state of mind may also be represented by my dream environment.  Thus, confusion or disorientation are at times experienced as a severe thunderstorm, tornado, or tsunami.  In contrast, joy or happiness may be experienced as a clear, sunny day in an environment populated by palm trees and sandy beaches.  Essentially, I am projecting thoughts and emotions in the dream and experiencing them as reality.  I am reaching the point where the barrier between reality and dreams is breaking down.  The only distinction between the two states is that I have been conditioned to believe that one is real and the other is not.  But then what is real?  If real is defined as something that can be perceived by my five senses, then my dreams have to be real because I am perceiving them.  I see, experience, and interact with the dream environment, and I am affected by it.  I have a body in the dream just as I have a body in the waking state, but the density of my dream body varies depending on my level of awareness.  Thus I may be denser or heavier in some dreams, and lighter in others.  In the waking state, I also observed that my body tends to be lighter or heavier depending on my thoughts and emotions.  Negative thoughts and emotions tend to weigh me down or burden me, while positive thoughts and emotions make me feel lighter and more free.  It all depends on how I choose to process my experience.  Whether I am in the waking state or the dreaming state, if I am projecting thoughts and emotions into my environment and then experiencing them as reality, then there would be no need for me to be upset by my environment or circumstances because I have created them.  It would be better for me to just accept my reality as it is and make a conscious choice to change it in the present moment.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

When a Father Neglects

Searching for answers
Wondering how to be a man
You gaze longingly at an empty chair
Rocking back and forth
Where your father should have been
How to develop high character?
How to be strong mentally?
How to exhibit spiritual fortitude?
Where is he?
Invisible physically
Or maybe he’s there but can’t see your pain
A deeper connection is never ingrained
Because the football game is on
The baseball game is on
The basketball game is on
No time to spend with his son
Maybe your father never had a father
To teach him how to be a man
Displaying a lack of presence
A perpetual cycle of absence
A barren heart
Yearning to be nourished by a father’s words
Of wisdom
Of encouragement, instilling confidence
But all you see are the menacing clouds
Of anger and disappointment
Rain falls from bloodshot eyes
Onto a desert of loneliness
In hopes of growing through the pain
How to respect women?
No father around
You look to “friends” for unguided guidance
On how to exploit and abuse Feminine Energy
A pack of surrogate father-less fathers
Provides comfort in your emasculation
A lack of direction
Equals a mind divided
Immersed in psychological violence
Ripping you apart
Hating your father for not being there
For a lack of care
For not making you aware
Of the repressed man
Turbulently raging inside
Distraught and all alone
A neglected boy reluctantly walks
The path of a man on his own



The Paradox

The paradox is that one is simultaneously Body and Spirit, the Form and the Formless, the Visible and the Invisible, Matter and Energy. This is the duality of experience. There is also a deeper connection between Matter and Energy. Energy animates Matter. Matter manifests from the realm of Invisible Energy. Energy literally births Matter, thus the Invisible (Energy) is a Feminine Principle and the Visible (Matter) is a Masculine Principle. They work together to create existence.


I plant my seed of intention in the universal grounds of infinite possibilities. I nurture my intent through focus and positive affirmation, and the radiance of my Third Eye provides nourishment. I watch my intent grow despite the weeds of fear and doubt attempting to strangle it. Against the odds, it evolves and becomes my experience.


The fire in his eyes
That burning desire of the Will to thrive
Expressing his greatest human potential
Dies, absorbed in artificial light
Absorbed in images detrimental
To his energy
I see a shell of what he used to be
I see a zombie
He talks only of what he sees on TV
His thoughts are not his own
He does not own himself
Dark Energies have taken over
Everything he thinks, says, and does is predictable
Predictive Programming
His eyes are glassy
Hypnotized by flickering light
He is dead inside
Dead inside